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Third  Person  Cover  shooter with  AI 

Inspired by combat in games like Mass effect, Division, Ghost recon online, we made an asset to help unity developers to make those kinds of combat systems without spending months prototyping gameplay in C# and thousands of dolars for animations.
You want your character to walk, run, jump, fight, sneak, take cover and do all those things with or without weapons? We got you covered. 

The controller that  feels  right

We spend over 4000 hours developing this controller so you can start developing your game faster. Here is a few core features out of many.

Fluent covers

Combine different types of covers
connect them with different angles

360 cover fighting

Can shoot 360 degrees in cover without
leaving cover


Create different pistols with different ammo sizes  speed damage and effects


Create different rifles with different recoil, ammo sizes. speed, damage and effects 


Modify grenades throw power, bounciness, impact zone, damage, and effects. Visualize how grenade will fly to a destination.

Advanced camera

Camera adapts to cover situation and detects objects that block your view and avoid them

Enlightened ai

A good controller is super important for your game, but enemies are equally important, thats why we created Advance AI that fights and acts believably in your game!

Smart Ai

An AI can use covers, can be made aggressive or passive fighter, can change states depending damage received


AI investigates threats and tries to find who caused them.

AI  patroling

You can create AI patrol routes. set delay at every point.

Group vs Group

You can setup AI groups with roles and make them fight player or other AI groups.

AI  allies

You can setup AI as your ally and switch between them instantly.

AI  civilians

AI civilians can flee when seeing a  gun, call police or film player with his phone

Future  expansions




2x pistols

Ability to use shield during
fights (LIVE)
Blast aoe damage with shotgun (LIVE)
Two guns better than one

Start and stop animations

Tripple AAA animations where every animation has its start and stop states to get that natural looking human motion

Climb Ladder

Doors system


You will be able to create ladders to reach spots in your game that were difficult to get to.
Your character and AI will use doors properly
We will teach your character to swim!

mele  system

Mele is live will get improvements in future!


More information about planed features for AI coming soon
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