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A new game, that draws children into the joys of the adventure. Game Tiny Explorers, designed for smartphones and tablets, invites you to a virtual fairytale.
The game is based on mysterious adventures of one summer holiday of the characters of Tiny Explorers. Each character has its own distinct appearance and mood, so the player can choose the most attractive one. Characters do not die, if they fail to do a task. It means the young players won‘t need to start the level all over again, as it would happen in most of the computer games.


Tiny explorers

The game consits of 30 levels. The colourfull and even sureal 3D visualisation joins the three game mechanics into one: arcade – walk, jump and collect points; quest – look around and think how to use the objects that are available; jump‘n‘run – run from the enemy. 
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Publisher Alternative Software  
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