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When we published our third person cover shooter asset we got many requests to make a cover shooter for mobile.  So if you like cover shooters like Space Marshals or Meltdown, we made an asset to help you to make those kinds of combat systems.
You want your character to walk, run, jump, fight, sneak, take cover and do all those things with or without weapons? We got you covered. 
Try before you buy ANDROID

Automatic cover

Less is more

Initially, we started with a cover system that waited for a button prompt for a character to take cover. However, we were left unsatisfied with the results and we wanted more. We have implemented a system where characters take cover whenever it makes sense and we want to share it with you. We have left the option to keep the old ways if you desire so.


To make character move natural and responsive it took us 85 animations. We plan to add more animations when we expand character capabilities in future updates.

360 combat

Chek your six

A cover is good when enemies are in front of you but it needs to be good when enemies are flanking. We made that you can shoot 360 degrees in cover without leaving it.

My base

You can build extensive cover layouts.

Flexible camera

The camera can zoom in and zoom out depending on combat status, It will zoom out to fit more enemies on a screen.


Join the fight. submit your ideas to and together we will have ultimate third person cover system 
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